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The "Blind Intersection Sound Horn" sign is a traffic sign that is typically placed at intersections where visibility is limited, and there is a higher risk of accidents. The sign indicates to drivers that they should sound their horn when approaching the intersection to alert other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians of their presence.

The sign usually features a graphic image of a car with sound waves emanating from its horn, along with text that reads "Blind Intersection Sound Horn" or simply "Sound Horn."

The purpose of this sign is to increase safety at blind intersections and reduce the risk of collisions. When visibility is limited, it can be difficult for drivers to see other vehicles or pedestrians, and accidents can occur if drivers are not aware of each other's presence. By sounding their horn, drivers can alert others in the area and avoid accidents. It's important to note that drivers should only sound their horn when necessary and not excessively, as excessive horn use can be a nuisance to others and may even be prohibited by local laws.

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