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The "Do Not Drink Prohibition Sign" is a common symbol that is used to indicate that a particular substance or liquid is not suitable for consumption. The symbol typically consists of a red circle with a diagonal line crossing through it, with the words "Do Not Drink" or "Not for Drinking" written in bold letters underneath.

The prohibition sign is commonly used in a variety of settings, including industrial facilities, laboratories, and public spaces such as parks and beaches where the water may not be safe for consumption. It is also used to mark containers of hazardous substances or chemicals that may be harmful if ingested.

The use of the prohibition sign helps to prevent accidental ingestion of harmful substances or liquids, which can have serious health consequences. It is important to always pay attention to warning signs and labels, and to follow proper safety protocols when handling potentially hazardous materials.

In addition to the "Do Not Drink" prohibition sign, there are other common prohibition signs used to indicate other types of prohibitions, such as "Do Not Enter," "No Smoking," and "No Parking." These signs use similar red and white color schemes and diagonal lines to convey their messages.

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