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The Equality Federation is a national organization that works to advance LGBTQ rights in the United States. It was founded in 1999 as a network of state-based LGBTQ organizations, and it serves as a resource and a voice for the movement at the national level. The organization provides training, technical assistance, and strategic support to its member organizations, which are located in over 30 states.

The mission of the Equality Federation is to work for full equality for LGBTQ people by building strong, inclusive LGBTQ-equality organizations, movements and leaders. They also support the development of state and local leaders, mobilize grassroots action to defeat anti-LGBTQ referenda and advance pro-LGBTQ legislation, and provide a strong, clear voice in the national media.

Equality Federation partner with state-based organization to build stronger and more inclusive LGBTQ movement that connect people across geography and identity. The state-based orgs focus on the issues in their states, while Equality Federation help those organization to have a collective impact, across state lines and the entire nation.

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