The logo Gota Limpia uses Alexa Regular Font

The closest font you can get for the Gota Limpia logo is this font

Alexa Regular Font

About Alexa Font Family
In 1994, John Benson designed Alexa, Caliban and Balzano, three typefaces with a similar style. Characteristic of all of them is their calligraphic touch and the likeness to handwriting. Alexa shows a hint of a broad tipped pen style and its legible figures are reserved yet lively. Alexa is best for short and midsized texts as well as headlines and gives texts a personal, classic look.

Designers: John Benson

Publisher: Adobe

Foundry: Adobe

Original Foundry: Adobe

Design Owner: Adobe

MyFonts debut: Dec 3, 2007
Alexa™ is a trademark of Vyacheslav Kirilenko and Gayaneh Bagdasarya

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