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The Golden Arches design of McDonald's is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. The design features two golden arches in the shape of an "M" that symbolize the company's name. The arches are set against a red background, which is the company's signature color. The design was first introduced in 1962 by Stanley Meston, an architect who helped design the first McDonald's restaurants. The golden arches are meant to evoke feelings of warmth, friendliness, and approachability. They also serve as a beacon, helping customers easily spot a McDonald's from a distance.

The McDonald's logo has gone through several changes over the years, but the golden arches have always remained a consistent element. The design has become synonymous with the fast food giant and is easily recognizable across the globe. The Golden Arches are the most widely recognized symbol in the world, even more so than the cross.

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