The logo Stripe uses Unitext Font

The closest font you can get for the Stripe logo is this font

Unitext Font

Unitext is a typeface designed by Jan Hendrik Weber with the needs of branding design in mind. It combines humanist and grotesque qualities, creating a neo-grotesque style that is both modern and easy to read. The font has narrow spacing which helps it stand out from other fonts while also utilizing open counters and angled details to increase its readability. Unitext comes in seven weights across 14 different fonts, offering extensive support for Western, Central and Eastern European languages as well as variable files featuring one axis with 14 name instances including hairline, extralight, light regular semibold bold black etc. 

The primary goal behind the creation of Unitext was making sure that designers could utilize this font without needing an introduction or set of rules on how to use it correctly; allowing them more freedom when designing logos or branding materials for their clients without having to worry about any discrepancies between platforms due to language differences or lack thereof within certain typefaces used for print versus online applications . This makes Unitex perfect not only for experienced designers but also those who are just starting out since they can be confident using this font no matter what project they're working on regardless if it's printed material such as business cards flyers posters etc., web applications like websites emails etc., or even mobile apps where legibility clarity & consistency are key aspects needed when creating designs tailored towards digital media consumption .

Designers: Jan Hendrik Weber

Publisher: Monotype

Foundry: Monotype

Design Owner: Monotype

MyFonts debut: Mar 13, 2018
Unitext™ is a trademark of Monotype Imaging Inc. and may be registered in certain jurisdictions.

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