NBC Unveils New Logo for Network and Peacock

NBC Unveils New Logo for Network and Peacock

NBC has confirmed to NewscastStudio that it’s rolling out changes to its iconic peacock logo and accompanying logotype.

NBC has revamped its logos for both broadcast and Peacock. The news came from Newscast Studio, who confirmed that the brand has made a slight change. The new version of the NBC logo has more space between the peacock feathers and better weight in the negative space. Juliet Garrett, Senior Vice President of Creative Design at NBC, spoke about the changes and believes they honor the brand's long history with these choices. Indeed, it doesn't seem like a big shakeup was needed this time. There have been many iterations of the classic logo, but it has remained largely the same since the 70s. 

The changes started appearing quietly throughout the fall of 2022 and then popped up in pre-Thanksgiving and Christmas-themed promos as well, but has yet to be fully rolled out, according to NBC.

Typography aficionados will also note the different weights in the NBC letters. The bold simplification trend in design is in full effect here. However, the brand didn't initially have a wildly ornate design for its three-letter identity. As time progresses, companies will look to navigate new media spaces while maintaining ties to the past. 

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