Reveal of the new Logo marking the electric mobility era of Lancia

Reveal of the new Logo marking the electric mobility era of Lancia

The new era of Lancia starts today with a new Logo and a clear design vision

“The new era of Lancia starts today with a new Logo and a clear design vision” stated Luca Napolitano, Lancia CEO. “In anticipation of the new Ypsilon, the first vehicle of the new Lancia, we are introducing Lancia Pu+Ra Zero, a sculpture, a three-dimensional manifesto which inspires the vehicles that will be launched between 2024 and 2028. A work of art in which the past and the future are in continuous contact, in which elegance is balanced with the radical spirit of forms. Today is the beginning of our Renaissance that will amaze Lancia fans all over the world. Lancia will once again be a desirable, respected, and reliable brand in the European premium market. Today is the beginning of the new Lancia!”

The new Lancia logo, marking the electric mobility era of Lancia

In 116 years of history, there were seven Lancia logos, all sharing unique values inherent in the brand's DNA in terms of elegance, "graphic power” and sophistication.

Now, the time for a new logo has come: it is the symbol of the new era of Lancia and marks its entry into the electric mobility. This new logo will be displayed on the new Ypsilon, on the new flagship, and on the new Delta.  It is an integral of the new Corporate Identity that will involve the European dealerships, all renewed in terms of image by the beginning of 2024, and of all communication activities, both online and offline.

Mainly inspired by the 1957 logo, which was first introduced on the Lancia Flaminia, the new logo represents an authentic jewel, very classic in its aesthetics, where elements of simplicity and graphic purity meet elements of preciousness, in terms of colors, materials, and treatments. Made of aluminum and expression of the new graphic codes of the Brand, the new logo is “shrouded in light” and is the result of technologies used in the automotive industry, and not only, as demonstrated by the circular brushing typical of the watch dial.


The new Lancia logo is Progressive Classic, as it revisits all the distinctive elements of the historical logo, the wheel, the flag, the shield, the lance and the lettering, reinterpreted to make them modern and projecting them into the future. All these constituent elements of the brand are the symbols of Lancia nobility and heritage that are now simplified, both in terms of lines and shapes, and positioned in a new balance, capable of expressing innovation, premiumness and Italian-ness with a touch of eclecticism, given by the asymmetrical lance.
Also new is the Lancia lettering with an original font which takes inspiration from one of the Italian excellences most closely linked with the history of the brand, Fashion. This new lettering signs the future of the brand and makes it desirable, lasting and always contemporary.

To create the new logo, the team of designers of Lancia studied the seven versions that were used in more than a century. They started from the very simple and minimalist logo from 1907, where the “Lancia” name is italicized and in gold coloring, perfectly consistent with the Liberty style of the period. Later, the 1911 logo was analyzed: it was the one designed by the Count Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia, which had a few elements, that remained unchanged over time — the four-spoke steering wheel, the hand throttle control, the rectangular flag, and the lance-shaped pole. Afterwards, the 1929 logo was studied, a logo with its triangular shield framing the circle of the steering wheel, which recalls the universal geometries and a graphical purity. Next, the famous 1957 logo was studied with its minimalist look and finally the research ended on the most recent emblems like the simple and refined 1974 version, or the 1981 one created by the designer Massimo Vignelli, who stylized the shield, lance, steering, and flag, and lastly the current logo introduced in 2007.


Lancia Pu+Ra Design, the new Design Language of the brand makes its debut

Born from the crasis of the words “Pure” and “Radical”, Lancia Pu+Ra Design is the name of Lancia new and sustainable Design language, which inspired the future style of Lancia cars, and that will be unique and destined to last. All of this is the result of the brand proud past and of some typical excellence of Italian style in the world.
In fact, the soft, pure and sensual shapes of the Aurelia and Flaminia will be found in the future Lancia vehicles, combined with the most modern expressions of radicality and simplicity, inspired by the language of furniture, architecture, and fashion, as well as by the brand's sports history embodied in the famous Stratos and Delta.
With Lancia Pu+Ra Design, the volumes of the new vehicles are created by successive layering, adding and intersecting elementary and iconic shapes, such as the circle, rectangle, and triangle, and combining them with eclectic details. The result is an overall language that is not typically automotive.
As for the interiors, Lancia Pu+RA Design draws from the Italian furniture design, an Italian excellence of attention to detail, materials research, and innovation. Lancia takes inspiration from this world to create a space, generated by simple geometries with a radical perspective, as well as welcoming and capable of ensuring that same home feeling experienced in refined and eclectic Italian living rooms. All of this is enriched by a ʺcolor blockingʺ approach and by the choice of fine and sustainable materials, which define the future spirit of the brand.

Lancia Pu+Ra Zero, the three-dimensional manifesto representing the essence of Lancia Design of the future

Lancia Pu+Ra Zero is a three-dimensional manifesto which holds the essence of Lancia new Design and the vision of what the new Ypsilon, the new flagship and the new Delta will look like. Combining design, art, and innovation this sculpture is the best expression of the concept of “Progressive Classic”.
Lancia Pu+Ra Zero is the synthesis of opposite elements: Beauty and Technicity, Grace and Character. It harmoniously blends the primary, iconic and typical shapes of Lancia tradition in a continuous dialogue between the brand's two different but complementary souls, between past and future.

The Lancia Pu+Ra Zero front features are a reinterpretation of Lancia's historic grille, the "calice", now projected into the future through three rays of light to make it iconic and memorable. This new pure, technological and with a unique identity "calice” will be on all three of Lancia's new vehicles, making them instantly recognizable during the day and the night.

Above the "calice", the new Lancia lettering. This double signature, calice-lettering, will sign the front of all three new Lancia models: a "calice of light" that virtually embraces the brand name and clearly identifies the graphic identity of Lancia Renaissance, carrying it into the electric mobility era.
Lancia Pu+Ra Zero is composed of soft, fluid lines which recall the design of Aurelia B20 and Flaminia, with a circular roof that floods the cabin with light, in a game of balance between exteriors and interiors.
On the rear the round taillights stand out. They call back to those of the Stratos and will be used on the new Ypsilon with the new Lancia lettering positioned between the headlights. Finally, in a side view, the new logo stands out.

Lancia Pu+Ra Zero is in Micalized Blue with subtle nuances that play with light under the sign of Italian elegance, fluidity and lightness.

Lancia and Cassina, a journey in the name of Italian excellence

Lancia new Pu+Ra Design language creates a space with both pure and radical forms with a language not typical of the automotive industry and where the interiors of future Lancia vehicles will be perfectly consistent with the design of their exteriors. Once on board, the drivers and passengers will be embraced by the typical Lancia elegance, with interiors inspired by the icons of the past like the Gamma, Thema, and Flavia, which today have been enhanced by simple and intuitive technology in line with the brand DNA.
The result is an authentic “living room” atmosphere, providing a home feeling similar to the one experienced in a typical Italian home. The homey and welcoming space is also eclectic as it combines different, and often contrasting styles to achieve a harmonious and cohesive whole.

This led to Lancia’s decision to embark on a path with Cassina, drawing on the know-how of the reputable Italian design company with nearly 100 years of history, innovation and research.

Cassina will join Lancia to bring its experience in the automotive industry, focusing on shared values such as Italian spirit, innovation, tradition and respect for the environment, giving rise to an unseen future project.
A collaboration that combines two excellences of Made in Italy that are now projecting themselves into the future, focusing maximum attention on sustainability and well-being on board.

These are the guiding principles of a collaborative journey between Lancia and Cassina inspired by “The Cassina Perspective”, i.e., that vision of the company which combines the most innovative products with icons of the Modern to create a comfortable and eclectic space based on unique excellence in design.
Proudly located in Italy since 1927, Cassina creates designer furniture which is made to last. The company has always had a pioneering attitude, combining technological ability with traditional craftsmanship and involving leading architects and designers to imagine new shapes and turn them into designs.

The premiere of the trailer of the short movie “Lancia, the New Renaissance”

The trailer of the short movie “Lancia, the New Renaissance”, premiered on the Lancia Design Day. Viewable at this link, the full version of the short film will be available on the brand’s social media channels in January.
It will be the first in a three-episode web series which celebrates Lancia Renaissance and its path to becoming a desirable, credible, and respected brand in the European premium segment.
In the first episode, Lancia CEO Luca Napolitano guides the viewer on a journey from the past to the future, discovering the behind the scenes of Lancia Design Day, the first event of the brand new era.
Presented in a documentary style, the trailer clearly and effectively shows what is usually hidden from the public’s view. The video introduces Lancia designers led by Jean Pierre Ploue and the brand team who worked to present a new logo, a new design language, and the three-dimensional manifesto on November 28th that will introduce the design of future Lancia vehicles.

The images show passion, pride, and commitment everyone feels actively contributing to the extraordinary rebirth of such a legendary brand in the automotive world and beyond.
The film shows the Lancia headquarters, the design center, the Stellantis Heritage Hub and moves on to the Reggia of Venaria in a quick series of evocative images where icons of the past like the elegant Aurelia and Flaminia and the “brutal” Stratos, Delta, and Rally 037 are positioned in some of the brand’s symbolic locations. These images are enriched by the video’s gorgeous historical footage which make it even more engaging and highlights the value of the brand’s heritage in the creation of its future.
The second episode of the web series will be presented during the Design Week in April 2023, and will be followed by the final episode in 2024 with the launch of the New Ypsilon.

Lancia Renaissance is a solid, ambitious, and fast-tracked roadmap

Lancia Renaissance deploys in a ten-year strategic plan which includes an efficient range of three new models — one every two years starting from 2024 — to cover 50% of the market. It is a solid and efficient roadmap which is moving quickly as part of Stellantis’ “Dare Forward” strategic plan. This can be seen in the electrification process which will lead the brand to sell only 100% electric vehicles in 2028. The other pillar of Lancia’s Renaissance is sustainability: in the New Ypsilon’s cabin, at least 50% of touchable surfaces will be ecological. Furthermore, the creation of an efficient and innovative distribution model is underway, with 100 new exclusive showrooms in Europe and a selection of partners in Italy. In addition, the new system provides a maximum use of online sales.
The final goal is making Lancia a credible, respected and desirable brand in the premium segment in Europe.

Reggia of Venaria: a World Heritage Site to visit and fully experience

Lancia has chosen the Reggia of Venaria as the site for Lancia Design Day to highlight the affinity between the Savoy residence and the brand, in the name of a dualism made up of a classical past and a vision to the future.
When it was built in the second half of the 17th century, the Reggia was considered to be a work of modern and forward-thinking architecture. The same was held for neighboring Turin, which became a must-see site for cultured and wealthy travelers who sought to gain education by visiting the most beautiful European capitals. The Reggia’s conservative restoration which took place between 1999 and 2007 brought its ancient splendor back to life and transformed it into a contemporary site to experience and not only visit, on a journey between history and modernity, which is precisely the concept of being a “Progressive Classic” built into Lancia’s DNA. In 1997 the Reggia of Venaria was named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. One of its most popular attractions is the Great Gallery with the 44 large windows along its sides and 22 large ovals on its vaulted ceiling. These create an interplay of light and shadow that never ceases to amaze visitors as it exalts the space’s infinite variety of decorations and two exedras.

About Lancia

With 116 years of history, Lancia represents timeless Italian Elegance; a brand that made people around the globe dream about, thanks to its iconic vehicles: the elegant Flaminia and Aurelia B24 Spider, the performing Delta, the eclectic Fulvia and many others.

Lancia is now ready to start its Renaissance with a 10-year strategic plan that is now moving on very quickly.
Innovation and timeless design have always been the founding principles for the brand. And now sustainability, customer-centricity and social responsibility have as well become essential, because Lancia is determined to look to the future with great commitment and ambition.