The Australian Women In Motorcycling Unveiled New Logo

The Australian Women In Motorcycling Unveiled New Logo

New WIM logo breaks cover for Australia's Women In Motorcycling group

Following the successful inaugural Women’s Circuit Racing Academy and MXW Racing Academy held last year, the Motorcycling Australia Women in Motorcycling group has revealed a new logo.

The 2021 FIM Women in Motorcycling Trophy award-winning team have grown from strength to strength in recent times, utilising significant milestones to review and refresh how easy it is for women in motorcycling to recognise the brand. 

The Australian Women In Motorcycling interviews, hosted by multiple World Champion Enduro rider, Jemma Wilson also continues through the convenience of podcasts. The most recent episode  features Amy Harburg who was a competitor in the International GS Trophy Rally as part of the inaugural female team in 2016.

Motorcycling Australia’s Women In Motorcycling Chairperson, Alana Baratto has been a key piece in this development: “After a year of regeneration and renewal in 2022, we knew we could truly turn dreams into reality. With the recognition and support we have received nationally and internationally, 2023 is the perfect time to review and update the brand. 

“The new logo will serve as a symbol of our core goal as a committee, ‘to support the growth and increase in participation and opportunities for women and girls around Australia to be involved in motorcycling.’” 

MA’s CEO, Peter Doyle has seen the growth of Women In Motorcycling from day one.

“The Motorcycling Australia’s Women In Motorcycling has demonstrated strong growth year-on-year, and this new branding is another great win to launch into the new year. I congratulate the Committee on unveiling a new logo that will serve as a symbol of equal opportunity for all.”

The 2023 MA Women’s Committee consists of Alana Baratto (Chairperson), Caity Hynes and Kate Peck. To stay updated on developments and how you can get involved, please visit our website, or follow Australian Women In Motorcycling on Facebook and Instagram