The logo Dior 2022 uses Didot Display Font

The logo Dior 2022 uses this font and it was verified by our designers.

Didot Display Font

About Didot Display Font Family
In spite of its name, this font family embodies the ultimate classic modern advertising typeface, rather than concern itself with revivalism or Didone authenticity. Naturally the spirit of the original Didot faces still exists in this family, but over twelve years of work on it have made it more fitting to the luxurious expression of our day and age, rather than nineteenth century Europe. Upscale and stylish, Didot Display is an essential tool for any designer involved in magazines, books, tasteful music, or overall luxury packaging that requires clean and large classic typography with an unmistakable modern spin. We recommend the use of Didot Display at 48 points and over. For 12-48 pt. use, check out its sister family, Didot Headline.

Designers: Bill Troop

Publisher: Canada Type

Foundry: Canada Type

Design Owner: Canada Type

MyFonts debut: Feb 21, 2009
Didot Display™ is a trademark of Canada Type.

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