The logo Fisher Rosemount uses Block Gothic RR ExtraBold Cond Font

The closest font you can get for the Fisher Rosemount logo is this font

Block Gothic RR ExtraBold Cond Font

About Block Gothic Font Family
In 1992, Red Rooster Typefounders created Block Gothic Extra Condensed based on the TP Collection Block Gothic. In 1994, the company created and produced Block Gothic Condensed loosely based on the Extra Condensed; the weight range is markedly different than the earlier release.

Designers: Steve Jackaman

Publisher: Red Rooster Collection

Foundry: Red Rooster Collection

Design Owner: Red Rooster Collection

MyFonts debut: Apr 23, 2002
Block Gothic™ is a trademark of International TypeFounders, Inc..
About Red Rooster Collection
Steve Jackaman, a British typography expert with over 40 years experience, started the Red Rooster Typefounders (RRT) in 1990 with a team of highly skilled type designers, typographers and software experts. Over the next four years, this team designed and produced nearly 200 typestyles. In 1994, Jackaman formed International TypeFounders, Inc. (ITF) with a new team of distinct and prolific type designers. Its flagship brand, the Red Rooster Collection, has grown to over 1,000 exclusive and unique fonts, and includes all the designs from the original RRT collection. Numerous exclusively licensed font collections and independent designers are the backbone of the Red Rooster Collection, including: Typsettra/Les Usherwood collection, the Ludlow collection, the TP collection, Stephenson Blake, Ltd., the Robert DeLittle collection, Hal Taylor, the Face collection, QBF, Darren Scott, Alessandro Segalini, Foster & Horton, and Arthur Baker.

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