The logo Yahoo New 2019 uses Centra No.2 Font

The logo Yahoo New 2019 uses this font and it was verified by our designers.

Centra No.2 Font

Josh Finklea’s newest release, the Centra series, is a study in utility and restraint. In keeping with his approach of iteration and improvement to the traditional typographic tools of graphic design, Finklea’s latest work tackles one of typography’s most popular genres, the geometric sans. Instead of strict adherence to a formal geometric structure, Finklea’s approach to the Bauhaus model is largely aesthetic. While Futura and other historical models of the genre were designed as distilled typographic expressions of modernism, Centra acts as a contemporary typographic expression with modernist characteristics. Centra emphasizes texture and readability over conceptual rationale, attributes that can be frustratingly elusive when using many strictly geometric sans-serif typefaces.

8 weights, 16 total fonts.

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