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During the Ottoman Empire, most of the works such as cleaning, water, foundations, and zoning, which we describe as municipal services today, were carried out by local administrators such as Kadi, İhtisap Ağası and Subaşı. The first municipal service in our country began to be implemented in Istanbul in the 17th century. The organization called "İhtisap Ağalığı" was replaced by the Şehireminliği in 1855. The Şehireminliği, consisting of various departments, was carrying out local town services in the city.

In the Ottoman period, the pioneer of the regulations in the field of municipalism in the provinces was the 1864 Provincial Regulations. The regulation, which is a preliminary application of the provincial reform, is also the pioneer of the regulations that will build the modern municipality understanding in the countryside. It is seen from both the municipal archive and private documents that the first establishment of the Balıkesir Municipality is based on this date. Town services were provided in the first municipal service building, which is located in today's Ali Hikmet Pasha Square and seems to have a single room. Later, this building was rebuilt as three floors in the time of Necip Ali Bey.

According to official records, the first head of Balıkesir Municipality was Deratam Efendi. However, in the book "Balıkesir City and Municipality History" written by Kerim Kâni Akpınarlı, it is stated that there were four more mayors before Deratam Efendi. According to the work in question, the services that started with a narrow staff and a limited budget, during the time of Giridioğlu Ali Bey, were carried out by Sultan II. During the reign of Abdülhamit, it made great progress. After Giridioğlu Ali Bey, respectively; Hacı Edhem Ağa, Ahmed Ağa and Mehmed Ali Rahmi Efendi served as the Mayor of Balıkesir. In these periods, in addition to the works such as bridges and roads by the Municipality, services such as the city's lighting, the opening of the first pharmacy and the first hospital are the main works that stand out in terms of municipality.

After its establishment, Balıkesir Municipality has become one of the leading local governments of our country by maintaining its planned organization despite the negativities such as the 1898 earthquake, the War of Independence and the 1950 bazaar fire. Balıkesir Municipality gained the qualification of "Metropolitan City" with the Law No. 6360 published in the Official Gazette on December 6, 2012. Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, which completed its restructuring in a short time, continues to provide uninterrupted service to the residents of the city with its modern human-oriented management approach.

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