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DealerTrack is a provider of digital solutions for the automotive industry. The company offers a range of software and services to help dealerships buy and sell vehicles more efficiently, manage their inventory and finances, and comply with industry regulations.

Some of the products offered by DealerTrack include dealership management systems (DMS), inventory management tools, and financial services such as financing and insurance. The company's DMS software provides dealerships with a range of tools to manage their sales, finance, and service operations, and integrate with other DealerTrack products like inventory management, Desking, CRM, and more.

DealerTrack also offers a platform for electronic vehicle registration and title management, which streamlines the process of registering and titling vehicles, and enables dealerships to comply with state and federal regulations. The platform also helps to reduce the paperwork and errors associated with the traditional manual process.

DealerTrack was founded in 2001 and is based in Lake Success, New York. It is a subsidiary of Cox Automotive.

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