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The Deutsche Zentrums Partei (DZP) was a political party in Germany that existed from 1876 to 1933. It was a conservative party that represented the interests of the Catholic Church and the rural population.

The DZP was founded in 1876 as the German Center Party, and it quickly became a major political force in the country. The party's main goals were to protect the rights of the Catholic Church and defend the interests of the rural population. It was a strong advocate for social justice and the welfare state, and it played a key role in the passage of the Bismarckian social legislation.

In the early 20th century, the DZP faced significant challenges, including the rise of socialism and the fragmentation of the conservative political landscape. Despite these challenges, the party remained an important force in German politics, and it played a key role in the formation of several governing coalitions during this time.

The DZP was dissolved in 1933 following the rise of the Nazi Party and the establishment of the Third Reich. Many of its members were persecuted by the Nazi regime, and some were imprisoned or killed. Despite this, the party's legacy lived on, and its ideas continue to influence German politics to this day.

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