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The fragile sign is a warning label that is often placed on packages or items that are delicate or easily breakable. It typically features the word "FRAGILE" in bold, capital letters, often accompanied by additional text or symbols indicating that the contents of the package should be handled with care.

The fragile sign is an important tool for ensuring that delicate items are transported or shipped safely and without damage. It alerts handlers and transporters to the fact that the contents of the package are vulnerable and may require special handling or packaging.

The fragile sign may also be used in other settings where delicate items are being transported, such as in hospitals or laboratories, to ensure that equipment or materials are handled with care and avoid damage.

Overall, the fragile sign is an important safety measure that helps to prevent damage to delicate or valuable items during transportation or handling. It is a simple yet effective tool for communicating the importance of handling fragile items with care, and is an essential element of many shipping and transportation processes.

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