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JVE Journals is the name of a journal publishing platform. It is an online platform that hosts and publishes scientific, technical, and medical journals. The platform provides tools and resources for authors to submit their work for publication, and for editors and reviewers to review and evaluate submissions. It also provides tools for readers to access and read the published articles. JVE Journals is operated by the Journal of Vibration Engineering, a peer-reviewed scientific journal that covers research on the analysis, design, and testing of vibratory systems and structures.

In continuation of the heritage from the previous century, the publishing company called JVE International was started in 2013. The company's name used the acronym of Journal of Vibroengineering. Vibration Engineering in the broadest sense did help the Publisher to solidify the foundation which we continue building on today. The main logo of the Company resembled the original trademark of Scientific Center "Vibrotechnika" and did represent the Vibration Engineering.

in January 2023 JVE Journals is rebranding to Extrica

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