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Gatinha Marie is a popular character and brand in Brazil, featuring a cartoon cat named Marie. The character was originally created by the Walt Disney Company for the animated movie "The Aristocats" in 1970, but has since become a cultural icon in Brazil, especially among young girls.

Gatinha Marie is often depicted as a cute and stylish cat, with pink bows and other girly accessories. Her image is used on a wide range of merchandise, including clothing, school supplies, toys, and home decor items. Her popularity has led to numerous spin-off products, such as books, videos, and games.

The character's appeal lies in her combination of cuteness and sophistication, which appeals to both children and adults. Gatinha Marie's distinctive style has become a fashion trend in Brazil, with many young girls emulating her look by wearing pink bows and other accessories.

The brand has also been involved in social causes, such as supporting breast cancer awareness and donating to children's charities. The character has even been used in educational materials to promote literacy and learning among young children.

Overall, Gatinha Marie is a beloved cultural icon in Brazil, with a wide appeal among young girls and their families. Her image has become synonymous with cuteness, fashion, and a positive attitude, making her an enduring and popular character in Brazilian popular culture.

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