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König Pilsener is a German brand of pilsner beer, which is a type of pale lager. The beer is brewed by the König Brauerei, which is a brewery based in the city of Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia. The brewery was founded in 1858, and König Pilsener is one of its flagship brands.

König Pilsener is a traditional German pilsner, which is known for its crisp, clean taste and its golden color. It is brewed using high-quality ingredients, and brewed using a traditional brewing process that has been passed down for generations. The beer has a moderate alcohol content, around 4.9% alcohol by volume, and it has a well-balanced bitter and malty taste.

König Pilsener is a well-known brand in Germany and is considered one of the most popular and reputable pilsner beers in the country. The beer is available in bottles and cans, and it is also often served on draft at bars and restaurants.

König Brauerei also produces other types of beers, such as König Ludwig Weissbier and König Ludwig Dunkel, and also exports its products to several countries around the world.

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