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Mexx was a Dutch fashion brand that was founded in 1980 by Rattan Chadha. The brand specialized in clothing and accessories for men, women and children, and was known for its youthful, casual and trendy designs. The brand was particularly popular in Europe, with a strong presence in the Netherlands, Germany, and Canada.

Mexx was known for its trendy and fashion-forward designs, which were aimed at a young, urban consumer. The brand's collections were often characterized by bold colors, eclectic prints, and a mix of different textures. The brand's clothing and accessories were designed to be versatile and easy to wear, and were popular among fashion-conscious consumers of all ages.

In 2001, Mexx was acquired by Liz Claiborne Inc, a New York-based fashion company, which helped to expand the brand's international reach. However, in 2015, due to financial difficulties, the brand filed for bankruptcy, and all its stores were closed.

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