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The "Must Remain Locked" sign is a safety sign used to indicate that a particular door, cabinet, or other object must remain locked at all times. The sign is typically used in facilities such as laboratories, hazardous materials storage areas, or areas where valuable equipment or sensitive information is stored.

The "Must Remain Locked" sign may include text indicating the reason for the lock, such as "Restricted Access" or "Authorized Personnel Only," and may also include a pictogram of a lock to emphasize the importance of keeping the door or cabinet locked.

It is important to follow the instructions on the "Must Remain Locked" sign to ensure the safety of people and property within the area. Failure to keep the door or cabinet locked can result in unauthorized access, theft, damage, or even injury or death in the case of hazardous materials. In some cases, not following the instructions on the sign may also result in legal consequences.

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