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The "Pins on Globe" icon is a versatile and modern design, often used to represent global connectivity, travel, or international reach.

Color Palette: The icon typically uses a combination of blue and white. Blue is associated with trust, reliability, and professionalism, while white represents clarity and simplicity.

Shape and Structure: Multiple location pins are placed across the globe, indicating various points of interest or locations.

Pins: The location pins are usually simple, rounded icons with pointed ends, similar to those used in digital maps. They are strategically placed to show global distribution and connectivity.


Globe: The globe represents the world, international presence, and global reach.

Location Pins: The pins symbolize specific locations or points of interest, emphasizing the aspect of connectivity, travel, or a widespread network.

Usage Context: This icon is often used in contexts related to global business, travel agencies, international logistics, or any service that operates on a global scale. It can also be used in apps or websites that provide mapping and location services.

The "Pins on Globe" icon is a clear and effective design that conveys the idea of global presence and connectivity. Its simplicity and universal symbolism make it easily recognizable and versatile for various applications.

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