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The recycle symbol, also known as the "mobius loop" or the "three chasing arrows," is a universal symbol that is used to indicate that a material or product is recyclable. The symbol is meant to encourage people to recycle materials and to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and resource conservation.

The recycle symbol was designed by the environmental activist Gary Anderson in 1970 as part of a campaign to promote recycling in the state of California. Anderson's design was chosen from a pool of over 1,200 submissions in a contest organized by the Container Corporation of America (CCA), a major packaging company. The CCA began using the symbol on its packaging, and it quickly gained widespread adoption as a symbol for recycling.

The recycle symbol is now recognized and used around the world, and it has become a familiar and well-known icon. It is often used in conjunction with other environmental or sustainability symbols, such as the "reduce" and "reuse" symbols, to promote resource conservation and sustainability.

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