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The safety goggles mandatory pictogram is a symbol used to indicate that eye protection is required in the designated area. The pictogram typically features an image of a pair of goggles, indicating that eye protection needs to be worn.

This symbol is used to alert workers and visitors to the need for eye protection in areas where there is a risk of eye injury due to flying debris, chemicals, or other hazardous materials. Examples of such areas may include construction sites, industrial facilities, laboratories, and manufacturing plants, among others.

If you see the safety goggles mandatory pictogram, it is important to wear appropriate eye protection at all times when working in the area. This may include safety goggles, face shields, or other forms of eye protection that are designed to prevent eye injuries.

It is also important to follow any other safety procedures or guidelines that may be in place in the area. This may include following specific safety protocols related to the work being performed, or following instructions from a supervisor or safety professional.

Overall, the safety goggles mandatory pictogram serves as an important reminder to prioritize safety and take appropriate measures to protect your eyes when working in areas with hazards that could cause eye injuries.

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