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Sony Xperia is a brand of smartphones and tablets developed by the Japanese electronics company Sony. The Xperia line was first introduced in 2008, and has since become one of Sony's flagship products.

The Xperia devices run on the Android operating system and are known for their high-quality cameras, water-resistant designs, and sleek, minimalist aesthetics. Some of the most popular models include the Xperia XZ3, Xperia 1, and Xperia 5.

Sony has also developed a range of accessories for the Xperia line, including cases, covers, and wireless charging docks. In addition to smartphones and tablets, the Xperia brand has expanded to include other products such as headphones, smartwatches, and gaming consoles.

The Xperia line has received positive reviews for its premium build quality, impressive display technology, and powerful hardware. It has also been recognized for its innovative features, such as the ability to stream PlayStation games directly to the device.

Overall, Sony Xperia has become a popular brand for those looking for high-end mobile devices that offer a balance of style, performance, and cutting-edge technology.

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