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The Common Application (also known as the Common App) is a non-profit membership organization that provides a college application process to more than 900 member colleges and universities around the world. The Common App streamlines the college application process by allowing students to submit a single application to multiple colleges, rather than having to fill out multiple applications for each individual school.

The Common App is intended to simplify the college application process for students by allowing them to submit one application, rather than many, and to apply to colleges that accept it. The application includes sections for personal information, academic history, extracurricular activities, and essays. It also allows students to send their test scores and transcripts electronically to multiple colleges at once.

The Common App process typically begins in August and the deadline for submitting an application is usually in the early January, but it can vary depending on the college and university. To use the Common App, students are required to create an account, where they can fill out the application, send their test scores, and pay an application fee. The application fee is determined by the colleges and can vary, but can be waived under certain circumstances.

The Common App has been praised for its convenience and accessibility, but it has also faced criticism over its application fee, which can be a financial burden for low-income students. Additionally, some colleges and universities have not adopted the Common App and may require their own application process.

Overall, the Common Application is an important tool for students to easily apply to multiple colleges and universities at once, It's a useful tool for students looking to apply to multiple colleges and universities and can save time and effort in the application process. It's important for students to check if the colleges they are interested in accept the Common App, to be able to use it, and also to be aware of the colleges and universities additional requirements.

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