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The United States Currency Education Program (CEP) is an educational outreach initiative of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board and the U.S. Treasury Department. The program aims to educate the public about the security features and other characteristics of U.S. currency in order to prevent counterfeiting and promote the confidence in the country's currency.

The CEP provides educational materials and resources for a variety of audiences, including consumers, businesses, law enforcement officials, and educators. These materials include posters, brochures, videos, and online resources that highlight the security features of U.S. currency and how to detect counterfeit notes.

In addition to providing educational resources, the CEP also conducts outreach events and training sessions across the country to help people learn more about U.S. currency and its security features. The program also works with retailers, banks, and other businesses to promote the use of counterfeit detection tools and techniques.

The United States Currency Education Program is an important initiative that helps to ensure the integrity and security of U.S. currency, and it plays a critical role in promoting public trust in the country's financial system.

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