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The Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) is a division of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that is responsible for promoting US agricultural exports and working to improve global food security. The FAS was established in 1922 as the Bureau of Agricultural Affairs, and was later renamed the Foreign Agricultural Service in 1953.

The FAS has a number of programs and initiatives that are designed to support the US agricultural industry and promote food security around the world. Some of the key programs and initiatives of the FAS include:

Promoting US agricultural exports: The FAS works to increase the demand for US agricultural products by working with US exporters and foreign buyers, and by promoting US agriculture through trade missions and other programs.

Providing technical assistance: The FAS provides technical assistance to foreign governments, farmers, and other stakeholders to help improve agricultural productivity and food security in developing countries.

Administering food aid programs: The FAS manages several food aid programs, including the Food for Peace program, which provides emergency food assistance to people in need around the world.

Conducting market research: The FAS conducts market research to gather information about foreign markets and to help US exporters identify new opportunities for selling their products overseas.

Overall, the FAS plays an important role in supporting the US agricultural industry and promoting food security around the world.

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