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Amba Ca Branda is a type of traditional Corsican cheese made from raw sheep's milk. The cheese is named after a mountain pass in the Corsican mountains, where shepherds traditionally brought their flocks to graze in the summer months.

Amba Ca Branda is a semi-hard cheese that is aged for several months, during which time it develops a sharp, nutty flavor and a firm, slightly crumbly texture. The cheese is typically made in large, round wheels and has a natural rind that is often rubbed with olive oil to help preserve the cheese and give it a distinctive flavor.

In Corsica, Amba Ca Branda is often served as a table cheese, either on its own or as part of a cheese board. The cheese pairs well with red wine and is often used in traditional Corsican dishes, such as the famous Corsican pizza known as "pizza corse" or "pizzele."

Overall, Amba Ca Branda is an important part of Corsican culinary tradition and a delicious example of the island's rich and diverse food culture.

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