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Rotary is a global organization that brings together a diverse group of professionals to exchange ideas and take action to improve communities around the world. The organization was founded in 1905 by Paul Harris, a Chicago lawyer, and has grown to become one of the largest and most influential service organizations in the world.

Rotary is composed of over 35,000 clubs in more than 200 countries, with over 1.4 million members. The organization's mission is to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace. Rotary clubs are made up of community leaders who come together to exchange ideas and take action on important issues facing their communities.

One of the main ways Rotary clubs serve their communities is through local service projects. These can range from building a playground or community garden, to providing clean water or supporting local schools. Rotary also supports a variety of global causes such as eradicating polio, promoting peace and fighting diseases like Malaria and COVID-19. Rotary's PolioPlus program is widely recognized as one of the most successful public-private partnerships in the fight against a single disease.

Rotary's impact goes beyond just service projects, it also provides opportunities for personal and professional development through leadership training, cultural exchange programs, and networking events. Rotarians also engage in discussions and debates on a variety of current and controversial topics to broaden their understanding of the world and develop their leadership skills.

Rotary is a volunteer-driven organization, and all of its activities are supported by the contributions of its members. The organization relies on the support of its members, and contributions from foundations, corporations, and individuals to continue its work.

In summary, Rotary is a global organization that brings together professionals from all walks of life to exchange ideas and take action to improve communities around the world. Through service projects, global causes, leadership training, and networking, Rotary is making a positive impact in communities and the world.

The Rotary gear logo is a symbol that is often used by Rotary clubs and districts to represent the organization's focus on service, teamwork and progress. The logo features a gear with the Rotary International logo in the center, with the gear's teeth representing the different members and programs working together to achieve a common goal. The gear is often used to symbolize the idea of progress and the idea that Rotary is always moving forward.

The Rotary gear logo is not an official logo of Rotary International, but it is commonly used by Rotary clubs, districts and other Rotary entities as an alternative logo to represent their club or district. The logo is often used on merchandise and promotional materials such as t-shirts, hats, and mugs. It is not a registered trademark and its usage is not regulated by Rotary International, but it must be used in a way that is consistent with Rotary's brand guidelines to maintain the integrity of the Rotary brand.

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