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There are many ways to describe Paris 2024 – people-focused, disruptive, elegant, enthusiastic, impassioned, idealistic, audacious, rational – but really, the brand is just quintessentially French. It combines images with playful audacity. It juxtaposes modernity with timeless heritage. It draws on a whole spectrum of inspiration and operates where boldness meets originality. It promotes a positive, fraternal image of sport that is deeply in touch with reality.

The Paris 2024 brand is composed of five indivisible elements that guide our actions and reflect who we are.
By associating three iconic symbols – Marianne, the Olympic flame and a gold medal – the Paris 2024 emblem elegantly reflects the people-focused, fraternal Games France intends to host. And because the Olympic and Paralympic Games form two sides of the same coin, in 2024 they will share the same emblem for the first time ever, symbolising the pursuit of the same vision and the same ambition for both events.

The Paris2024 font is variable. From hairline thickness to extra-bold, the font was specially designed to adapt subtly to all digital text.

Whether it’s focusing on a particular motion or a powerful attitude, momentum that can be felt or grace that can be seen, Paris 2024 offers a creative and curious take on these everyday movements that inject energy into both sport and life itself. By combining them with unexpected elements from architecture and the environment, they take on a strength or convey a different kind of poetry, which gives our images a unique angle.

Reflecting architectural prowess, an invitation to the world, a nod to Art Deco and a triumphant symbol of victory, the arch combines a multitude of influences and cultural references.

The drawing of the arch, a core element of the Paris 2024 brand identity, reflects a geometric and minimalist version of the Arc de Triomphe using just basic lines. Flexible and coherent, it opens a number of different visual registers – epic, joyful, dynamic, disruptive and often poetic.

The Paris 2024 Summer Paralympics are an international multi-sport event for athletes with disabilities that are scheduled to take place in Paris, France in 2024. The Paralympic Games are held every four years, following the Olympic Games, and are organized by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

The Paris 2024 Summer Paralympics will feature a range of sports, including athletics, cycling, swimming, and wheelchair basketball, among others. The event is expected to bring together thousands of athletes from around the world, who will compete in front of a global audience.

The Paris 2024 Summer Paralympics will be the third time that Paris has hosted the event, following the 1964 and 1984 Paralympics. The city is known for its rich cultural heritage and world-class sporting facilities, and is considered an ideal host for the Paralympics. The event is expected to be a major sporting and cultural celebration that will showcase the talent and determination of athletes with disabilities from around the world.

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