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Wonderbly, formerly known as Lost My Name, is a UK-based company that specializes in creating personalized children's books. Founded in 2012 by Asi Sharabi, Tal Oron, David Cadji-Newby, and Pedro Serapicos, Wonderbly has gained international recognition for its innovative and unique approach to storytelling.

Personalized Children's Books: Wonderbly's main focus is to create personalized children's books that allow young readers to become the hero of their own stories. The books incorporate the child's name, appearance, and other personalized details directly into the narrative, making each book a one-of-a-kind and magical reading experience.

Innovative Technology: Wonderbly uses sophisticated technology to create seamless and personalized storytelling. The company's platform enables parents and gift-givers to customize the books by inputting the child's name, selecting physical features, and personalizing other aspects of the story. The technology then seamlessly integrates this information into the beautifully illustrated and written narratives.

Diverse Storylines: Wonderbly offers a variety of book themes and storylines to cater to different interests and age groups. Their collection includes books centered around adventure, bedtime, friendship, family, and educational themes. The personalized nature of the books helps to engage young readers and sparks their imagination.

Collaborations with Renowned Authors and Illustrators: To further enhance the quality and appeal of their books, Wonderbly collaborates with well-known authors and illustrators. This collaboration ensures that the books maintain a high standard of storytelling and captivating artwork.

Global Reach and Multi-Language Availability: Wonderbly's personalized books are available to customers worldwide, and the company offers its books in multiple languages. This global accessibility has contributed to the brand's popularity and widespread recognition.

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