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Pennzoil is an American brand of motor oil that was first introduced in 1913. The brand is owned by Shell Oil Company, which is a subsidiary of the multinational energy company Royal Dutch Shell.

Pennzoil motor oils are designed to provide superior engine performance and protection, and are available in a variety of formulations and viscosities to meet the needs of different types of engines and driving conditions. The brand offers conventional, synthetic blend, and full synthetic motor oils, as well as high mileage oils and racing oils.

Pennzoil has a long history of innovation in the motor oil industry. In 1972, it introduced the first motor oil formulated with synthetic base oils, which provided superior engine protection and performance compared to traditional mineral-based oils. In recent years, Pennzoil has continued to innovate with its PurePlus Technology, which is a revolutionary process that converts natural gas into a high-quality, crystal-clear synthetic base oil that is used in its full synthetic motor oils.

In addition to motor oils, Pennzoil also offers a range of other automotive products, such as transmission fluids, gear oils, and power steering fluids, as well as a line of performance additives and cleaners.

Pennzoil is also known for its marketing and advertising campaigns, which have featured high-profile partnerships and endorsements with celebrities and sports teams. The brand has been associated with the motorsports industry for many years and is a sponsor of various racing events and teams.

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