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The Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) is a government agency in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) responsible for the development and promotion of the country's culture and tourism sectors. The department was established in 2018 and is headquartered in Abu Dhabi.

The DCT's mandate is to support the growth and development of the UAE's culture and tourism sectors and to promote the country as a destination for tourists and cultural visitors. To achieve this, the department works to develop and promote cultural and tourism-related initiatives and events, to market the UAE as a tourism destination, and to support the development of the country's cultural and tourism infrastructure.

The DCT is responsible for formulating and implementing policies and strategies related to the culture and tourism sectors in the UAE. It also works to ensure the compliance of these sectors with national and international standards and to promote sustainable development in these areas.

The DCT is led by a director general who is appointed by the Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development. The department has a number of divisions and agencies that carry out its various functions, including the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority and the Sharjah Department of Culture and Information.

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