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Bayes Impact is a non-profit organization that uses data science to tackle social and public-sector problems. The organization aims to apply the principles of data science to help organizations make better decisions and improve the lives of people in need. Bayes Impact works with government agencies, non-profits, and social enterprises to develop and implement data-driven solutions to problems such as poverty, homelessness, and access to health care.

The organization conducts research and analysis to identify areas where data science can be applied to make a positive impact, and then works with partners to develop and implement solutions. They also develop and open source data tools and platforms to improve the efficiency of public services. Their projects have included: creating an algorithm to predict and prevent homelessness, improving access to health care for low-income families, and reducing recidivism by improving risk assessment for criminal justice. Bayes Impact is funded by foundations, corporations, and individuals, and is based in San Francisco, California.

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